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One Hundred Books for the Next Twenty Years

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the London Review Bookshop, we invited twenty writers close to our hearts to choose the five books they think we need to navigate the next twenty years.

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About the LRB Store

The London Review of Books is Europe’s leading magazine of culture and ideas. Published twice a month, it provides a space for some of the world’s best writers to explore a wide variety of subjects in exhilarating detail – from art and politics to science and technology via history and philosophy, not to mention fiction and poetry. In the age of the long read, the LRB remains the pre-eminent exponent of the intellectual essay, admired around the world for its fearlessness, its range and its elegance.

The LRB Store is a new initiative to meet demand, from readers and fans around the world, for authentic London Review of Books merchandise.

Before now, all of these products were exclusively available from the London Review Bookshop. We wanted to make them available to customers unable to travel to London – although we hope you’ll still pay us a visit, next time you have an opportunity to do so.